privatax scope of services

Please see below our scope of service for expats, employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs. In case we do not offer a service you are looking for, we work together with our wide-ranging network of lawyers, tax consultants and accountants.

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Tax advice

  • Tax consultations to optimize your taxes

  • German income tax advice

  • Advice on international tax topics (double taxation agreement, 183-day regulation, cross-border commuter regulation, etc.) for private individuals / expats to avoid double taxation

  • Severance payments, relocation and double household expenses, pension provision etc.

  • Advice on the tax deductibility of your business expenses

  • Advice on the choice of tax classes, e.g. in the event of marriage or separation of spouses

  • Advice for married couples on the choice of filing (individual / joint filing)

  • Inheritance tax or gift tax topics

  • Tax advice on real estate

Tax returns

  • Income tax returns

  • Returns for the determination of the remaining loss

  • Income tax returns for limited taxable persons

  • Profit calculation according to net income method

  • Value added tax returns

  • Trade tax returns

  • Separate and uniform declarations of profits

  • Inheritance tax returns

  • Gift tax returns

  • Review of your tax assessment notices

  • Answering questions from the tax authorities


  • Filing of appeals / objections

  • Child benefit (Kindergeld)

  • Refund of capital gains tax / flat rate withholding tax

  • Reduction of tax pre-payments / instalments

  • Deferral requests

  • Remission of surcharges for late payment

  • Refund of foreign withholding tax

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