Tax services for
bloggers & influencers
in Munich.

You are an influencer on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Youtube? Do you own a blog? Do you have followers on social media platforms, receive gifts from companies and generate income from links and advertising?

Lachende Bloggerin und Influencerin aus München.

Are you looking for a certified German tax advisor to prepare your tax return and advise you on your tax-deductible expenses such as laptop, study, camera, travel expenses, etc.? Are you looking for tax accountant who reviews your tax-saving options?

Then privatax is the right choice for you.

We deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your expectations. We know that uncomplicated, pro-active, and responsive communication is the key to satisfying our clients. Delivering high quality service means understanding that it is the personal touch that makes the difference, assuring compliance even in non-standard situations.

Influencerin und Bloggerin aus München macht ihre Steuererklärung.


We are excited to work with you and to advise you on your tax topics around your blogger / influencer activity.

  • Determination of your revenue from advertisement (free products or services) and income from product placement, images, posts or stories.

  • Preparation of your income tax return, determination of your profit with the net income method, VAT / sales tax return and trade tax return.

  • Advice on the so-called VAT small business regulation (Kleinunternehmerregelung).

  • Tax deduction of your business expenses such as smartphone, travel and housing expenses / hotel invoices, hospitality expenses, mobile phone bills, etc.

  • Review of the tax deductibility of your private expenses such as insurance premiums, donations, craftsmen’s bills etc.

  • Review of your tax assessments.

  • Support in filing applications such as reduction of tax pre-payments / instalments, applications for deferment.

  • Communication with the tax office.

  • Tax Optimisation of your finances, such as your (private) pension scheme.

  • Communication in English or German.

  • Digital collaboration – communicate with us from anywhere in the world.

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